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Home Warranty Plans

Get Complete Protection

with a Home Warranty Plan

home warranty protection gives peace of mind

Your home has appliances, plumbing and electrical systems that can break down at any time without warning resulting in costly service calls and repair fees. For example, a simple fix to an air conditioning or furnace malfunction can easily run $300 or more.  A routine service call to determine the problem for a stove that needs repair can cost upwards of $50 or more.   Often times, homeowners spend hundreds of dollars to replace appliances that can’t be repaired.

Avoid unexpected repair and replacement costs

Unlike homeowners insurance that mainly covers the loss or damage of property, a home protection warranty can give home owners piece of mind by covering the cost of repair and/or replacement of certain appliances and systems under a blanket service maintenance program.  This form of warranty service can provide protection from unforeseen repair and replacement expenses that arise when things break down in the house.

Get Home Protection and Peace of Mind with a Home Warranty Plan- Starting at just $19.95/month!*

Home warranty plans are affordable

The cost of a comprehensive home protection warranty plan is affordable for most home owners. Before jumping into just any home protection warranty, it is best to ensure that the home warranty provider is reputable and will guarantee in writing a repair or replacement against valid claims. Lastly, it is also important to understand which household appliances and systems are covered and those that are excluded from the policy.

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